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Discover the new sensational flavor of our health drink – Cola! With every sip or gulp, you’ll experience the authentic fizzy kick and the deep, enticing taste of cola. Let yourself be swept away to joyful moments and unforgettable experiences with every delightful sip.

Pineapple & Cactus

This exotic combination of juicy pineapple and refreshing cactus takes you on a taste journey to sunny beaches and swaying palm trees. Enjoy the flavors of paradise and give body and soul a revitalizing boost with this wonderful drink!

Raspberry, Strawberry & Mint

With every sip you are greeted by the refreshing essence of mint, perfectly balanced by the sweet and sour notes of the berries. Quench your thirst in style and discover the healthy power of this alluring combination!

Blackcurrants & Blueberry

Give yourself a taste journey to berry ecstasy with our Blackcurrant & Blueberry health drink.. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the harmony between tasty berries in every sip!

Strawberry & Lime

Let your taste buds rejoice with our refreshing combination of juicy strawberries and fresh lime. Quench your thirst in a healthy way and experience the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity in every sip!

Functional drink for all your needs

Gowell is a carbonated functional drink developed and produced in Sweden. It is brewed with Swedish water. With a 100% comprehensive daily requirement of most of 13 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Gowell is suitable for anyone who chooses the healthier option.

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In a single jar of GoWell there is your daily need for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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Taste without compromise, good flavors packed with healthy ingredients!

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